Painful gums & tooth, also thrush

Jun 1, 2013
I have had a painful molar when drinking cold liquids for over a year now. The tooth has a painful gum, behind the tooth. Occasionally my gums will randomly be painful. I just saw a dentist, who was a little pricey, but got great reviews. I saw the dentist and hygienist separately in the office, about a week apart. The dentist took about 100 digital x-rays, and I had no cavities. I just returned from the hygienist, thinking that I must have gingivitis, but she told me my, that my dental care was great. My gums had receded some, between a 2 & 3, from her diagnostic tool. She told me, that my numbers, were low, where a five would indicate trouble. She told me the pain that I had pain in my back molar, because even though the gum hadn't receded badly, my nerve was randomly large there. My mom lost her teeth, at around my age, from periodontal disease, and my brother had a bad scare also. The hygienist said that my swollen, and painful gums were probably from a food that irritates them. Also, a couple of months ago, I burned my tongue, and ended up wt thrush. The dentist unfortunately did not give me, a script to take care of this. Who should I see, to take care of the thrush, and could it be causing my inside gums to feel inflamed. Also how long will it take, before my teeth, and gums, to start to feel, at least pre cleaning well? Also besides using dentin, is there any other way to calm down that nerve? Thank you for all of your help.

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