Abscess inside lower left jaw - not on tooth - pain question

Aug 18, 2016
Had pain inside lower jaw for about 5 days. I knew I had my 6 month cleaning coming up so waited. Clean check up today 8-178-16 as usual. Dr did find an abscess however - not on any teeth - gain lower left inside of jaw. Feels like a toothache. Painful, radiates to ear, upper cheek, and a little tingling/numbness feeling n lower lip on left side. 4 hours after my clean dental exam, my upper left Molar painful to touch/eat. No sensitivity to cold/hot. Looking at the Parotid gland, looks like it is just above this molar? Could the abcesse causing the pain to radiate and effect the Parotid gland causing that tooth to hurt? My dentist said to give the abscess another few days and if pain still exist, he would give me a steroid. Any thoughts on what I described above? Thank you.


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