OTC Whitening Treatment for Sensitive Teeth

Jan 13, 2017
I am a 23 year old female (from the USA) and I have slightly yellow teeth despite being a non-smoker and abstaining from drinking coffee. I have been interested in getting a whitening treatment and decided the over the counter, at-home treatments would be best - my biggest concern: cost.

I ended up purchasing Crest 3D White Strips, but every time I use them, they give me a lot, a lot, a lot of teeth sensitivity for about 24-48 hours after using them. It feels like jolts in my mouth, they're almost always with me, and nothing I do relieves the pain. These painful jolts are constant, not just when I'm eating and drinking. I'll be sitting, watching TV after the treatment and my mouth will still be aching and agitated. I was told it's likely the whitening formula making its way down into my roots of my teeth and agitating the nerves. It's one of the most uncomfortable feelings I've experienced. Nothing I do takes my mind off of it and nothing relieves it.

In any case, I did these strips for awhile sporadically but I really don't feel comfortable continuing whitening my teeth with them because the discomfort and duration of the symptoms.

I'm looking for what might be an over the counter, or perhaps a cheap dentist option for teeth whitening for my teeth. I don't think I have particularly sensitive teeth (I can drink hot tea or eat ice cream and I never get those jolts/agitation from them - it's a unique sensation that I've exclusively felt when using the whitener), so I am unsure what to try next. With so many options at the store, and mixed reviews online, I'm not sure what to try next - and I could easily spend a lot of money trying out various strips (which aren't terribly cheap).

Affordability, a lessening or elimination of the previous symptoms I've felt when using the other whitener, and most importantly: something HEALTHY for my teeth are some things I'm looking for in my next whitening treatment option.

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