Ongoing pain

Dec 18, 2022
I am 36 years old and have periodically suffered with an ache above my left molar teeth.
On maybe 3/4 occasions over the last 10 years I have visited my dentist and he has said he thinks it could be sinus related so here’s some antibiotics and after 7 to 10 days the ache has gone. I never really new if the antibiotics “ did anything as I didn’t always visit the dentist.
About 6 months ago the ache was back and seemed to last for a good week before it started to then throb.
I visited the dentist, he said it looked ok so here is antibiotics and hopefully it will clear.
It did not clear and 3 weeks later it is still aching and sporadically throbbing, mainly in the afternoon but seem to be ok at bed time and lets me sleep.
I visited another dentist for a second opinion and he also could not see a problem.
I then went on holiday to Cyprus and spent the whole week with the ache which seemed to get worse again in the afternoon/evening when it again became a throbbing pain, especially around noisy entertainment.
I tried more antibiotics and the strongest painkillers I could buy and noticed no difference in the pain.
On returning to the uk my dentist re examined my x-rays and thought he could see a crack in the root of my molar.
He said no option but to pull the tooth which he did.
After a week of extraction pain the ache was back!
I have since been referred to the Liverpool dentistry hospital who took some basic x-rays but could not find an issue so I am now waiting on a ct scan to see if another tooth is cracked along with an mri to check for facial migraines/sinus issues.
I am currently trying a TMJ mouth splint and I have also tried countless nasal sprays and medications for potential sinus problems but nothing has touched this ache.
I am now also experiencing pain/twinges in other teeth I have had work on which is now causing me more discomfort.
Does anybody have any idea what is wrong with me?!


Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Nope, you're probably in the best place at Liverpool Hosp where they can arrange multiple tests and consultations with different specialists. Do let us know how you get on.


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