Tooth loss an ongoing problem

Aug 16, 2021
I am sorry this will be a little long winded. In November last year I had an abscess in my canine which nearly hospitalised me, I called my dentist and the receptionist told me I had been taken off the list, since then I have lost 2 teeth at the bottom front and now my canines are about to fall out. I cannot eat properly or talk properly or sleep!
I cannot find a dentist to take me on on NHS here.
My background is that I am petrified of the dentist, at 15 I was involuntarily anorexic and have survived a string of abusive relationships, at 22 I had 7 front top teeth drilled and capped due to facial trauma after an attack from my ex husband.
I have a bridge of 6 teeth at the top, the canines hold that in!
Basically I am only 55 and only have 11 teeth left, I need to find a dentist to extract and create full dentures, please can anyone help? I am in Bedfordshir

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