ongoing pain+sudden vertigo 10 days post-op

Jul 3, 2013
Hello, am new here... i've looked around and have not seen my exact problem, so am starting a new topic. Please forgive me if i am duplicating, but i could not find another thread with this exact issue.

Had difficult extraction 11 days ago; lower right molar - #31. It had broken all the way down to the bone, after a root canal, so regular dentist sent me to dental surgeon for extraction. He did have to torque on it quite a bit, and cut it into pieces, (apparently there was an extra root), but it finally came out.

Healing seemed to be going well, no dry socket, and gradual reduction in pain in the socket area itself.

But I was surprised to find that after 8-9 days, there was still some pain in the jaw, continuing up towards the ear, that was not going away.

Then yesterday - 10 days after extraction - I woke up to sudden and SEVERE vertigo - so bad it knocked me down. This has continued since; every time I either stand up or lie down.

Returned to dental surgeon today thinking perhaps I had an infection affecting my inner ear and equilibrium (as this happened to me once before, & went to many doctors before it was discovered the vertigo was from a bad infected tooth) but he said there is NO infection, and the ongoing pain and vertigo is due to food getting stuck down in the hole/socket. He irrigated it - hurt like h*** - and told me further irrigation at home will keep it clean, and that will stop the pain AND the vertigo.

so my questions are:

Should simple irrigation with water hurt THAT much? (when he irrigated it, and every time I irrigate it at home, it REALLY hurts, way down in there at the bone.) Is that much pain almost two weeks after surgery within normal recovery parameters?

What could be causing this sudden onset of extreme vertigo almost two weeks after the extraction, if NOT an infection? Will keeping food out of the socket REALLY cause the vertigo to stop?

thanks so much for any insight -
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