Parotid gland pain still ongoing 2 months after tooth fixed?

Jan 11, 2017
For 2 years I had pain in my lower right 1st molar. My dentist said it was probably just sensitivity and such.. The filling looked good from the outside and the X-ray showed it was far from the nerve, and that there was no abscess. Now 2 months ago that pain got worse, the right side of my thyroid gland started hurting, my parotid and sub-mandibular glands were swollen and hurting. The muscles in my neck became really sore, I could barely turn my head. I could also feel other glands swollen, and the pain started creeping into my brain from behind my neck. I told the dentist to drill anyways, I'll pay for it.. Surprise!!! There was a huge cavity under, some chunks of the tooth broke off so much it was impacted. He told me the cavity had made it's way right next to the nerve now and if I still had any pain a root canal would be necessary.

Now 2 months later, all the symptoms are only 3/4 gone. I still have pain in my parotid gland, sub-mandibular. I still have inflammation in my right side rear neck creeping into my right brain lobe. I went back to the dentist and, again he says there is no abcess, and that because I have feeling inside the tooth, that the nerve is ok. I really have to twist his arm to believe me and convince him to take action, even if I was proven right the first time!!!! It's really frustrating..

Is it normal that my glands not be healed yet after 2 months? I relaly feel there is still infection in there and I am tempted to tell him to just rip that tooth out..
Jun 27, 2016
Yes, a root canal treated tooth is a dead tooth. Is is possible he missed a bit of the root, or there is still infection surrounding. Happened with me, the issue was not removed until the root canal treated tooth was removed. Don't replace the tooth with an implant due to that infection and close nerve- the infection would likely lead to a premature implant failure.

Consider first taking a prescription oral antibiotic treatment for your surrounding inflammation to ensure your paratoid and submandibular glands do not take damage and atrophy. Then after that consider removal of that tooth. Follow your gut instincts! Sounds like you have naturally good with that.


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