Filling last Friday, really bad ongoing toothache

Discussion in 'Patient Forum' started by MisterSG1, Oct 31, 2014.

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    Oct 31, 2014
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    Hello, let me first say that I am keeping in touch with my dentist on this issue.

    Anyways, last Friday, I had 4 fillings done, all on the top. 3 on the right side of the mouth, and one on the left side. One tooth on my right side, I believe it would be one of my molars, (I'm not too big on dental terminology) I was told after the fact that it was a fairly deep cavity. I had a mild cold at the time of fillings, so I was taking the Tylenol Cold tablets. I was better by Sunday with my cold, but on Sunday night, I was having issues with a toothache. On Monday, it was arguably worse, but a couple of tylenol did the trick of knocking down the pain. On Tuesday, I went back to see a dentist at the practice, (an emergency visit) as my regular dentist was not available until Thursday, he did a bite adjustment by drilling the tooth down a bit. Did not work really, as the pain level remained the same. This dentist also told me to avoid hard foods, and to take Advil. Which I have been doing.

    Now on Thursday, I see my actual dentist as things weren't really improving. I ask for an x-ray, and while I didn't see the x-ray that was taken, he claimed that there was nothing wrong with the tooth involved. Doing some research online, as I have been lucky with teeth throughout my life, I asked if I had any abscess or if there was any nerve damage. He claimed that if any nerve damage was done, we would have done a root canal last week. The dentist has scheduled an appointment with me, two weeks from now.

    My question for the professionals on this site is this. Obviously you can't look into my mouth and examine me, but have any of you heard of intense toothache after a filling? A bottle of Extra Strength Advil says not to take more than 3 tablets a day, one dosage if 400mg of Ibuprofen. I find myself replenishing Advil every 6 hours or so. I'm worried about the potential damage the Advil can do to my body. I am currently in the obese category (but I am losing weight, lost 40 pounds since July), and he claims that since I'm a big guy, that I could handle more than 3. I'll safely admit, that at one point last night, I took two extra strength advils about a half hour apart. Well I would like to know your opinion, have you heard of pain after a filling lasting this long?
    MisterSG1, Oct 31, 2014
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