Need advice ASAP

Jan 17, 2017
So I was eating food and I bit too hard into a fork. There was initial pain and I realized I chipped my front tooth but this isn't all, when I looked in the mirror to check it out I noticed what I think is a craze line on my tooth going from the site of the chip all the way up past the gums. When I examined the chip further I noticed that I chipped it on the craze line and the left side of the craze line is fine but the right side is chipped. The site of the chip is a bit sensitive but I'm more worried about the line and I'm thinking it may develop into a crack. I fell no pain with hot or cold beverages, or when biting ( although I haven't been biting hard.) I'm wondering if I should be worried about this since my dental insurance doesn't kick in until 13 days. I would hate to put it off and have it be a crack and lose the tooth. Any advice??

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