high sensitivity of teeth after chlorine exposure, need advice

Aug 20, 2018
it has been around 12 weeks since I started swimming in a pool... during those 12 weeks I experienced fragility of teeth, some type of a ''tension'' in a mouth that doesnt feel like a tooth ache, but rather like a gum problems or a dull pain.. also recently my teeth have become really sensitive.
After browsing the web I found info, that swimming pool water usually contains high chlorine concentration and is very likely to cause sensitivity and tooth decay.
I do not feel any tooth ache at the moment.. but my main concern is how to get rid off these symptoms and sensitivity? And besides quitting swimming what else can be done at this point in order to avoid any other teeth related problems caused by my recent exposure to chlorine?
Thank you for info.



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
The chlorine level in pools isn't going to upset your teeth unless you're in a poorly maintained pool for long times over lengthy periods.So, it's possible. It's not the chlorine itself that's the problem, it's the acidic compounds it forms and should be counterbalanced by other chemicals to achieve a neutral H of 7-7.4.
Get a sample of the water and have it tested at a pool shop. I'd be interested to hear the results. If it's a public pool, then bring it to their attention.
For the sensitivity, get some desensitising toothpaste.

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