Mid 20s, almost all molars rotting/removed, cavities in most front teeth, begging for dentures, being told i am too young.

May 12, 2023
Here to get some advice/input on the process of getting dentures. I am very interested in immediate dentures/full extraction. I have been to several different dentist, all of who are pressuring me to not go through with it and downright refusing to do this solely because I am in my 20s. I have been told my entire mouth is full of cavities and that all of my teeth need crowns/repaired, which is clearly visible to me, but it makes a lot more sense to just pull them out and not have to worry about them again, right? If it were just a couple of teeth, sure. But were talking my entire mouth. I get no other reason for being told no besides I am too young. I find this completely ridiculous, I have even been told I won't ever be able to eat right again, by people who have never experienced dentures in the first place. They are also not missing almost all of their canines like i am. I have to decide everytime I eat something which side I'd like to burn my mouth on this time, as well as chew on one side of my mouth, I also can not use my front teeth because I have a wiggly tooth that I have been told needs extracted. I don't even taste my food anymore, I essentially just swish it around and swallow it because if food gets into any of the crowns I do have, it is extremely painful. BTW paid nearly 10k to have a bridge and 2 other crowns put in, they are falling out within a year and my teeth have cavities underneath them. I got them in literally a year ago. I brush/floss/rinse multiple times a day. One crown fell out the other day. I went to the dentist and I told her to just pull the tooth, she argued with me over it and kept pushing me to have her repair the cavity on the little nub that is barely hanging on that was my tooth, and put the crown back on. They were ready to repair the tooth, had the equipment ready and all, I refused and suddenly they ended the appointment and said they will have to schedule it. Still pressuring the crown, oh and... 185 for the extraction, over 1k to do all of that other BS. They also never called me. What can I say to these "dentists" to get them to do this, it does make sense right?

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