Mar 19, 2023
So I’ve just had Invisalign done. My treatment plan was 17/19 weeks then I had to wait a further month or so with my last tray for my whitening to be done and bonding. Finally my retainers arrived last week and I’ve been told I need to now wear my retainers full time (22hrs) for a further 6months. I never knew this to be honest before starting I kind of thought it would be 19weeks of Invisalign then I just wear retainers on a night time for life.

So now I’ve got to go through the pain of wearing these full time for 6months, mouthwash every time time I eat etc and anyone who’s done Invisalign will know how annoying and life consuming this is and it does kind of ruin your social life. It probably seems like I’m moaning when I chose to pay for it and I’m not at all I’m absolutely thrilled with my results I now have a beautiful straight smile but I just never thought I’d have another 6months of permanent retainer trays as 19weeks was bad enough.

Now my question is to preferably a dentist or orthodontist, do I really NEED to have them in for 6months? It’s just I go on holiday in June and I’m getting married in summer and I absolutely do not want these in for my holiday or wedding. I was thinking could I maybe have them in permanently for 3/4months till I go on holiday then after 3/4months change to just at bed time or is it absolutely necessary that I MUST have them in for 6months? It just seems a bit over kill.

Of course it is an absolute must and if I only do it for 3months and my teeth will start to go wonky or something, of course I will do it for 6months as I don’t want all my hard work undone.

Thank you :)


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