Invisalign whitening

Mar 2, 2022

I’m new to this website and hoping to get a professional/informed opinion on advice from my dentist.

I’ve recently finished a c.7 month course of Invisalign. As part of the package provided by my dentist, I’m now using whitening gels. I’ve been instructed to use the gels at night for c.8 hours while sleeping. I’ve just completed week 3 (my final week) of the whitening and the tips of my teeth have whitened to a satisfactory level. However, the base (and majority) of my teeth remain yellow. They don’t appear to have changed much at all.

From the resources I can find online, most dentists do not recommend using Invisalign trays for whitening gels. Instead, they recommend custom made trays that partially cover the gum line, so as to keep out excess saliva, which can neutralise the bleaching agent and produce uneven whitening. That is my understanding, at least.

However, my dentist has recommended that I use the Invisalign trays. It’s worth noting that my Invisalign trays don’t actually cover the totality of my teeth. This is particularly true for my canines, where the lack of whitening is most apparent. I’m concerned that this is a matter of trying to keep costs low and therefore maximise profits rather than trying to provide optimal results on the part of my dentist. In the advertisement for the treatment package, it said that I would receive £350 worth of free whitening. So far, I’ve received 2 gels. The usual whitening service is advertised on their website as costing £350. If I were to sign up as a new patient and paid for this treatment, I would surely get the custom made trays! Therefore, I feel I’ve been mis-sold the package.

My questions are:

1) Is the lack of a custom made whitening tray the likely cause of the uneven whitening?
2) Even if whitening can be achieved with Invisalign trays, would custom made whitening trays be recommended as a better alternative?
3) Do you have any advice regarding my concerns that my dentist has provided false advertisement and not actually provided me with the totality of what was advertised? In case it’s of importance, I’m U.K. based.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. My apologies for the essay!

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