Infection after wisdom tooth removal

May 3, 2019
hey all,
so i had my wisdom teeth (4) taken out last wednesday, april 24th. the top two were not impacted and very easy to remove, as well as the healing process was very quick and easy.

the bottom two, however, were impacted and have been giving me so much trouble. when my dentist went to remove the bottom right (i was awake the entire procedure), i guess he cut my cheek pretty bad and i ended up with an infection. i didn’t realize it was infected until about 48 hours later when it sunk in and i knew something was wrong. i went to a different dentist as mine didn’t seem to think it was infected when i called, and when my husband went to call back, he didn’t answer. i was SO swollen and badly bruised (still slightly 9 days post op). the second dentist started me on clindamycin, and referred me to an oral surgeon to see this past tuesday, may 1st, as my post op with my original dentist didn’t go the way i hoped. he assured me i was healing just fine, and “it was my body’s way of healing” - wrong.

well, here i am 9 days post op, still can’t really eat solid food, and taking the antibiotics 4x a day. i still have an AWFUL taste in my mouth. am i at risk of sepsis? i have another appointment next thursday to see the oral surgeon to see if i need to have another surgery (the dentist left roots in both lower sockets). she said also concerned about osteomyelitis. how long before i see any kind of change in the infection and can eat semi-solid food? (ive been living off of yogurt, mashed potatoes, and ice cream and i’m dying).


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