In pain what do I do? (long post)

Nov 30, 2013
I have 2 Q's Sorry this is kind of a long post but I need to make sure I explain the whole story.

6 days ago I broke a small part in my tooth and it didn't seem to hurt or bother me until 2 days later I started getting pain. I went to the dentist who confirmed I had a tooth infection most likely caused by the recent cavity. I was given anti-biotics (Amoxcillin) which was told would take approx 48 hrs to kick in and start working and eliminate the pain. That night the pain got a lot worse and I was forced to go to my local hospital injury unit and demand strong painkillers as the pain was that severe. I was given Co-Codamol which helped reduce the pain somewhat but not eliminate it. I have been taking these (responsibly) for 2 days while waiting for the anti-biotics to start clearing up the infection but I am still in some pain although not as in as much pain as I was before I mean its tolerable just uncomfortable. I am on my 3rd day of taking the anti-biotic Amoxcillin and there has not seemed to be any signs the infection is clearing up (like any pain reduction). Is this right? should I wait a little longer? I only have enough tablets for today and tomorrow before the course ends.

Something else I have noticed has also happened; I have noticed a boil behind my gum above of where the infected tooth is and am guessing this is the pile up of the infected liquids I know this as I have had this before. Twice. I have had problems with the same infected tooth twice before you see and both times there has been the same thing suddenly appear around the infected tooth only this time its not outside the gum but inside where its hard to see. The last 2 times it was punctured (once by the dentist and once by myself) and that seemed to eliminate the pain greatly and help. I am wondering if the anti-biotics will be useless as long as the bubble remains 'un-punctured' and the poison inside it remains to cause the pain. I look at it using a mirror in my mouth and notice this one seems to be more totally red and not a little green on the other ones I had on the front of my gum when I had this same problem before. Does it really matter what color it is? should I just gently puncture it and get the contamination out like I have done before or what? I make sure to do it carefully using a clean needle etc only this time it won't be as easy as its harder to see on the back of the mouth.

Is the blood/skin bubble a sign that the anti-biotics are not working? will they make it go down or will it stay there? thanks.
Nov 25, 2013

You should give you dentist a call. He has seen what is going on in your mouth and would be more readily able to answer your questions. He will most likely recommend that you come back in, as it is very difficult to diagnose problems without taking a closer look. I hope this works out for yoU!


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