How long does the pain of a dry socket last after being treated by a doctor?

Aug 10, 2016
Today is my 4th day after being treated by a dentist.

My treatment was as this:

1. Clean socket and irrigate blood trough the wound
2. Put a medicament inside to help the healing.
3. Close the wound with stitches.
4. Comeback in 10 days to remove stitches.
**During these day I wash the wound with salted water
*** NO smoking at all

My first day after this was horrible even with painkillers but now the pain is manageable with pain killers only. I feel that this is a never ending situation and I am afraid that the treatment might not be working as the pain is still intense and really interferes with my day.

Can anyone share their experience and let me know if this was the correct treatment?

I read in some forums that after being treated the pain would normally go away immediately, also that the correct treatment is by returning to your dentist to repeat the cleaning of the wound every other day.

Thanks for your kind advice.
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