How many x-rays and CBCT scan can we take in a month? Is it harmful?

Feb 11, 2019
Have lower jaw pain, under the ear pain for 2 months. I also have swelling in the jaw line for 2 months. Been to many dentist and taken multiple xrays. No definite diagnosis yet. My dentist took CT scan, panaromic and bite wing, periapical x-ray. Went to another dentist for second opinion. They also took many x-rays. No one is willing to see the x-ray images which I have got from previous office. So this makes more exposure to x-ray images. I have been to oral surgeon and he took CT/pan xray before the wisdom tooth removal. I removed it ten days back. Went for a follow up. Took another CT scan to check if everything is ok. So, totally many CT scan,pan x-ray and bite wings and periapical xrays in a month. I feel so nervous about it. Is it harmful?
My OMFS told me to go to TMJ specialist to check out. here all offices take own x-rays. So, if i go to TMJ specialist, they will take another x-ray or cbct scan. So all these images within a month. Is it harmful?? Please help.

i didn't injure anywhere in jaw.had some soft foods chewed more than usual on 3rd week of may. Next day jaw swelling and pain under ear. No other injury happened. I hear popping and snapping sound in the jaw while opening the mouth and sore pain inside the ear.

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