Too Many Cavities

Jun 29, 2017
Most all my teeth have fillings from school days. Many have a couple fillings. Have gone for maybe 6 or 8 years with no cavities. Moved and new dentist. Teeth cleaned and xrays. Hygienist and dentist said all looks good. Next day get call and have 17 cavities, all under fillings. Had 2nd dentist do xrays and 17 cavities. How can this be? Dentist will only do 3 on top or bottom of one side at a time. Took about an hour for the first 3. Novacaine doesnt help. Feel needles and drilling. Because of country area dont have access to more painless dentist. I can't understand how i could get so many cavities like this. Previous dentist always took xrays. said all was good. Now having many sensitive teeth. Some of these cavities are now really very deep. Can they be saved? Was given option of extractions but I am afraid of having most of them pulled. Do not want to have alot of root canals or extractions. But cant deal with teeth aching either. Really upset over this.

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