How can pain under new molar crown be mitigated after two months and a visit to adjust my bite?

Oct 2, 2022
I am a 77 years old. In August Iy was told I needed a crown on my top rear molar because x-ray showed a cavity. The tooth was not giving me a problem but my dentist recommended a crown because the tooth had had a previous filling. After the crown had been completed my dentist told me to chew on the other side of my mouth for a few days as the underlying nerve may be inflamed. There was no pain when I bit down, but if a piece of food was between the lower and upper rear molars the pain was still there.
A month later there was still pain in that tooth when I chewed. I went back and the dentist readjusted the bite by shaving off the crown and its corresponding lower molar.
Now 2 weeks later the pain still persists if any food gets between the crown and and the lower molar the pain persists. Any further shaving of the lower molars does not make any sense as any food in between the two will still put pressure on the nerve above the crown.
Is there any educated guess as to what is causing this painful problem?
I fear the only solution will be to extract the molar the crown is cemented to.
I will have to go back and before I do am seeking advice on what can be done.

I feel the dentist was pushing me for a crown even though a hidden cavity could have taken years to cause any problems, and if it did I would have had the rear molar extracted. I fear the only solution will be to extract the molar the crown is cemented to. If an extraction is needed will I have to pay for it too!
Thanks for your help!

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