Puss from behind molar - but no pain, swelling, etc.

Oct 1, 2022
So I have a bit of an odd issue. I will say, I am due a checkup around nov/december, which is why I haven't contaced my dentist yet.
A few weeks back, I was really over worked and had the flu at the same time. In all this, I also somehow got this weird puss pocket/sunken area behind my molar. Not "around" my molar in that sense, but on the surface behind it. There was what looked like a sunken area / almost like how it looks when you get a puncture wound on your skin.

When squeezing with a Q-tip, I would get puss oozing out. I couldn't properly get this gone while I was sick and over worked. (Was doing some really hard shifts, double shifts, etc all while running a high fever and general weakness.). Once my flu cleared and I got some rest, I managed to combat this. It was almost like an underground zit in my mouth, where I would squeeze out ooze, soak and dab with Corsydol. After a few days, the puss got more solid, and two days with less puss, with solidness, it was gone.

I got a new toothbrush, just to make sure I didn't bring any bacteria along after that.

I'm a bit overworked again, and lo and behold, it's back. This is day 1 with a bit of puss, so I cleansed with some Corsydol on the problematic area.

I've got some pictures from last time. If anyone would be so kind as to tell me what this might be ? When googling, I am getting the results of "dental abcess", "periapical tooth abcess" etc, where the symptoms are great pains, swelling, etc heaps of issues.

But i have none of that. The molar seems unaffected, there is no noticeable swelling (that I notice at least), no pain at all. I wouldn't have noticed if it's not for the fact that I have a habit of smelling my toothbrush while brushing, because I am paranoid, lol.

I brush twice a day, use flouride mouthwash (my teeth very easily get cavities), dont drink or smoke, and I floss near every day, a good amount too. I floss when I chill infront of my PC, I floss at work, when brushing, etc. I have not yet had my wisdom teeth (I am over 30) and last year there was no sign of them moving from their comfy spots.

The first time I got this, I figured I may have accidentally flossed behind my last molar and maybe cut something, butI have not done that this time, so I am not sure why this re-appeared. If it's just that my body is tired and can't so easily fight off bacteria.

the images: the darker one is from when the puss "peaked" during the first time I had this.The second one was like 1 or 2 days after the height of it.


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Oct 1, 2022
For what it's worth:
A day 2 update. a bit of "fresh" bacteria in the morning when rinsing/squeezing. After waiting a bit, I did another round, and this time I managed to squeeze out some bits of more capsulated bacteria, kinda like the hardened bacteria in a big zit. After squeesing out these bits, there didn't seem to be anything else in there at the time.

I did another rinse, soaking the area and swabbing in corsydol, + rinsing my mouth with it.

After some thinking, I realize it's almost exactly the same pattern as last time - a full week of extreme worry (my cat got very sick and had a relapse this week, and both weeks I also had to deal with covering extra shifts at work in addition to my full time work, + some work blues and stress at work that mentally nags me 24/7.

Could it really be related to that? I've never had any problems like this before with my gum. But I've rarely been so burned out, worried overworked as these last weeks - coming on top of a 5 months long hard work period.


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