How bad is my Overbite? (Xray includes)

Sep 29, 2020
Recently I’ve been very self conscious about my overbite. As a child, every dentist appointment I went to, no doctor ever told me I had one. It isn’t until a few years ago that I brought it up to my dentist and they were like “yeah yours is pretty severe.”

I’m 20, and have been considering Invisalign. I’m wondering, is it too late for my jaw and teeth to be corrected with just retainers/braces?

I feel like my chin and lower mouth is so much smaller than the rest of my face and it’s really bothering me.

My big question is... with the photo I’ve included, how bad are my teeth misaligned? Is my bite abnormal? Is my overbite actually really severe? Would correcting my teeth show a big impact?? Would my lower jaw push forward?

My two front teeth dig into my lower lip and recently I’ve been hyper aware of the indentations they leave on my flesh.


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

By looking at your lateral x-ray, it does look like you are in a Class II skeletal relationship, which means either your lower jaw is under-developed or your upper jaw is over-developed.
To determine exactly which is which, more calculations will be needed.
Severe overbites, might not be problematic at this stage, but as you grow older, the malocclusion might cause problems due to excessive wear on the back of your upper teeth and then lead to more severe problems.
Fortunately you are never too old to have braces, although the long -term success is better when the treatment is started when at a younger age.
To determine if only braces is needed in order to achieve some sort of camouflage outcome, or if complex treatment with or without jaw surgery is needed, it is best to go for a consult with an experienced orthodontist. The specialist will do the necessary calculations, and then draw up one or two treatment plans, that will best suit your specific case.
Ask your dentist for a referral.


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