Advice for very bad teeth.. which procedure is the best for me ?

May 13, 2020
My teeth are very messed up and a total embarrassment to me. I appear as if I have no hygiene even tho I brush my teeth daily , my problems came as a younger kid - teenage years I did not take care of my teeth as I should have , and also grinded them while I slept unintentionally.. what procedure do u think would be the most beneficial to have more normal looking teeth? I understand they’ll never Be perfect or even close to that.. but what would make them appear more normal and not make me be so embarrassed to smile.. I plan to go to the dentist after the pandemic is over but want to look in to things now..


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Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
The images provided only gives a limited view. I can't tell what your bone and posterior teeth looks like and you're not biting correctly. You need a comprehensive exam that looks into any cavities, bone and gum health and no abnormal TMJ, parafunctional habits, head, neck and mouth diseases. If no problems exist, you may discuss cosmetic options as well as possible orthodontic evaluation. Looks like you have anterior crowding and the orthodontist may recommend some teeth extractions to make room for proper teeth alignment. Afterwards, you may need to wear retainers for life. Unfortunately it's a lifetime commitment and no overnight magical results. I've seen many cases fail due to poor commitment and compliance.

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