Hi from a real pain-in-the-neck patient

Nov 14, 2015
Hi all,

I signed up just now in the hope that i can get a few answers here in the short term.

Main reason - I need $8000 of dental work in the near future that I can't afford. I need to figure out what to do.

On one hand, I'm a good patient. After several crowns, several root canals, 2 apicoectomies, and the need for more, multiple dentists will be able to buy yachts for their golden years with what I've paid - and will pay.

On the other, I'm the patient from hell. I gag on the x-ray devices and I white-knuckle the arms of the chair through cleanings. I have one front tooth that I do not allow to be touched - it is still alive after serious trauma and a root canal, and it is sensitive in lots of ways. All this apparently means that I'm "uncooperative". For fillings or crowns, I do fine once I've convinced myself the anesthetic is working, but until then ...

Nice to meet you all, and thanks in advance for whatever you might help me figure out.


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