Help please anyone no where to turn

Mar 28, 2016
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Please forgive me if this is not allowed. I understand I'm asking the impossible but I fear my life is truly in danger I have reached out everywhere. I'm suffering two debilitating one disabling autoimmune diseases. I have suffered many years of misdiagnosis and health compromising medical treatments for several years. I finally after more than a decade have my diagnosis of colitis and ankylosing spondylitis. I suffered chronic vomiting and severe malnutrition during that time and my teeth have paid the price. I have been without dental insurance for many years and recently was informed when I did and paid out several thousands the work was horrible and not done correctly. I am in need of immune suppression therapy to treat my conditions. When I began steroids I became septic from dental infection. My primary said I'm not safe to just continue antibiotics routinely my teeth must come out. I need several thousand in work done I can't afford. I have reached out to every clinic, school and charity available. No one can help there's no funding. My Medicaid requires cancer of jaw stage 2 or more to qualify. Even my priest contacted dentists in my parish they have offered half off but no payments and several thousand up front. I have active and in the near future life threatening infections. Does anyone know anyone program, school, mentor or student taking boards that could help? Before you ask yes I've tried everything I've been searching for a year. If anyone knows any information not available to the general public please let me know.


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