Headaches after filling

Dec 13, 2013
Hi all.

Nine days ago i had what my dentist described as 'a very deep filling'. I was told that if it continued to hurt after 3-4 days then I'd need a root canal. The tooth itself didn't really hurt but I had headaches and a sore/stiff neck so I went back expecting to get a root canal.

My dentist said I didn't need a root canal. She made me bite down on some piece of paper a few times and felt my jaw, and said that my jaw is out of line and I need to wear a night guard. I go through the NHS so it'd cost £215, which I can't really afford.

I went in three days ago and ever since my headaches have been getting progressively worse. It's got to the point where I'm taking ibuprofen and paracetemol (maximum doses) and it's not touching the headaches. I feel dreadful.

My question is that if this is indeed caused by the fact my jaw is out of line, then isn't that just a little coincidental that the pain has started directly after a deep filling, considering I've never had constant headaches before? I just don't want to continue having headaches, wait on a waiting list for a night guard, pay £215, wear it for a few weeks only to discover that it isn't the cause of my pain.

Really confused... should I go to the doctors? Should I go back into my dentist and see if they can have another look?

Thanks for any advice.

EDIT: Oh also, I said I haven't really been getting pain in my teeth, I do sometimes feel some pain but it's quite dull and only seems to be my molars, and not specifically the one I got the deep filling on.


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