Sensitivity a few months after filling

Jul 18, 2019
One of my rear molars had an existing cavity and filling on the top from years ago (exactly how long ago I don't recall). More recently a tiny cavity developed on the back side of the same tooth. The new cavity would occasionally produce a "sensation" - not pain or discomfort - but just enough of a tingle I mentioned it during a cleaning and they found something which was described as minor and a new cavity just starting to form.

My dentist removed the existing filling, and replaced it with one that covers both the existing cavity and the new one. Ever since then the tooth has been very sensitive - to both hot and cold. I had mentioned it a few times and they said it would eventually go away - but after 3-4 months it has not. I was back after about a month and new x-rays showed no issues. The tooth is actually more bothersome now than when it had the tiny cavity, in which case it rarely bothered me if at all.

My dentist basically said there's not much else they can do - he would refer me to some other type of specialist and said most likely that person would come back with nothing.

My fear is the tooth may be rotting/degrading as time goes on, and will eventually reach a point where it needs to be pulled if nothing is done. Most if not all of the discomfort is from sensitivity. Occasionally I'll feel what I would call slight throbbing, but not painful.

Based on what I've said, what do you feel is the most likely issue(s)? I have considered going to another office for a second opinion, but I'd rather avoid any issues as I do like going to this dental office. The other office may require the dental records to be transferred etc. So let's start with online second opinions :)
Dec 6, 2017
It can take some time for sensitivity to settle but 4 months is too long. The filling most likely needs to be redone. If it were my tooth I'd go elsewhere because your dentist isn't being very understanding about your symptoms. Is it a white filling?


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