Grey shade on lignual side of first molar

Sep 26, 2012
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Hello All

Thank you for reading my post.

This year I've had a lot of dental work (several fillings, and have also had my wisdom teeth removed..) I am 30 years old.

On one of my teeth (upper left 1st molar), I had a filling where the dentist used a metal ring (not sure of the medical term) to help with the filling, and then after the filling a tool which I could best describe as similar to a rivit gun that kind of clipped on to the metal ring and hammered the tooth to remove the metal ring. {this was in contrast to all my other fillings she performed, where the helper ring was made of plastic and gently removed with some tool}.

My question is regarding this tooth (upper left 1st molar) on the lingual side looks grey when I look in the mirror with no light, but when I shine a light on it, the tooth on the lingual side looks white... the front side of the tooth looks white under all conditions. I'm pretty sure most of the lingual side of the tooth is the filling material.

I don't think I have any pain, if any it is fairly minimal, but it is currently hard to tell as I had my wisdom teeth out just over a week ago and there is still residual pain from that operation.

I went to the dentist today to remove the stitches from oral surgery and I voiced my worry about the color of the tooth.... She inspected the tooth under the dental light, and also with the light pointed away and said the tooth looks fine.... I am not sure if she could see the grey I was referring to as the conditions of the lighting of the room may not have been the same as when I can see it.

My question is two fold, 1) would the tooth look grey even under a dental light if it was dead, and 2) should I take it further and ask for an xray, or be confident with the diagnosis from the dentist that the tooth is okay?

I hope I explained myself well enough.
Thank you very much for reading my post.


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