From a simple filling to a crown. And it just keeps getting worse.

May 11, 2018
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This all started roughly 6 months ago, when I transfer to new different dentist, who made some fillings on tooth #3 (1st molar).

Ever since then, every time I bit on that tooth (in a particular area), there's this intense, sharp pain.

I went back to my dentist several times for adjustments to the filling and my bite. He never suspected that the tooth was cracked because it wasn't sensitive to temperatures and he could not detect any signs of cracked tooth with his tools.

No progress was ever made with the adjustments, so we decided to prep the tooth for a temporary crown and then permanently install a zirconia crown. I had the temporary crown for roughly 3-4 weeks and, while the pain was not as sharp, I could still feel the pain when biting. The best way I can describe it is that it was like putting a cap on a bruise and pressing against it (the pain was distributed). Having described these symptoms, my doctor decided to use a weaker adhesive to attach the perm crown, so that it can easily taken off later for a root canal treatment if necessary.

So it's been a week since the perm was installed and while it did improve things, I could still feel pain when chewing certain foods. I also developed major sensitivity to hot/cold temperature in that tooth. I suspect that the weaker adhesive did not fully bond the crown to my tooth and perhaps some of the dentine is being exposed. I also wear my mouth guard every night. When I put it on, I don't feel any pain or pressure, but, my teeth feels kind of sore (not just the crowned tooth) in the mornings.

This tooth is making me depressed. I have not been able to eat normally on my right side for almost a year now. I've spent a ton of money on visits, but they make no difference in the end. My dentist does not seem incompetent, but maybe he's overlooking something? Is the underlying pulp inflamed? Should I get a second opinion? I'm currently wearing my crown with a weak adhesive.


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