Flossing question, what type of floss did they use?

Jun 24, 2018

My mother went to see the dental hygienist for the first time in a very long time, not going due to severe anxiety and poor teeth health.

My mother said when she did the flossing the hygienist did not use a little brush or normal soft floss or arch but used what she described as a firm piece of plastic to floss.

Does anyone have any idea what this firm piece of plastic to floss was or method, as my mother was ok with this rather than normal floss which she fears she will damage her gums more.

I've searched online but not knowing more details I am unable to figure out what this was and hopefully someone may have an idea so I can help my mothers anxiety re dentistry/oral health care.

thanks for your time


May 19, 2018
It could be interdental picks. I have started using them myself after my dentist introduced me to them earlier this year. I didn't want to break any rules by posting to where you can buy them, but they are very easy to find here in the UK...most supermarkets stock them now.


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