Double crown on 2 X Implants fell out. How long can I use Fixodent for?

Mar 4, 2023
Lower molar double crown on 2 X implants fell out.

Currently secured with Fixodent. I tried to remove with fingers to clean gum and implants but cannot pull it out, I am sure I can remove it with some implement.

Clearly removing it every day until a permanent repair will not be practical. I would assume the Fixodent is making a very good seal between crown, implants and gum.

How frequently should I remove this for cleaning?

Are there any negatives in not having it glued in permanently - ie if I wait months before getting back to my own dentist?

Leaving it out is not an option. Tried for 2 days and it was a magnet for my tongue, ended up with a sore tongue.


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