Did my tooth extraction fail?

Oct 18, 2020
I recently (4 days ago) had a failed root canal tooth removed. Lower first molar I think. It was via an NHS emergency dentist. This is my first ever tooth extraction, so it's all new to me.

Anyway the removal was horrendous, the lady really struggled with it. She was switching between so many tools and different angles, and applying so much pressure I thought my gum was going to pop. I finally felt and heard a crunch after about 10 minutes of severe pressure.

She said that's one part of the tooth out just one more part to go. Which she said she had lost, she could feel it with her tool but couldn't see it. So after some painful digging around.. she finally said she had it. Then after 5 more minutes of painful crunching/bending and pulling we were done. Both parts were out.
This experience was awful and painful throughout but I don't want to get into that. Afterwards she said 2 times unprompted, that all of the tooth is out and there is no need to worry.

I've been in agony for the past 4 days, been taking amoxicillin (3 times a day for 5 days, 1 tablet left to take soon) and over the counter pain killers.
But it's still swollen and sore, I keep getting shooting pains down my neck and under my jaw. Short and infrequent but severe when they happen.
Anyway the blood clot as started to fade color now and I can see the extraction area.. and to me it looks like there is still some tooth in there? But I'm no expert, got my wife to take a picture.. sorry it was hard to get a good shot.

But to me it looks like there is still some tooth in that extraction site.
I'm worried this emergency dentist botched the extraction. She didn't x-ray it afterwards (or before) she never washed it out with saline etc after we were done. She just stuck a gauze in, got me straight up out of the chair (even though I was failing faint after all that) she said don't worry she won't let me leave till it's stopped bleeding.

She then got her assistant to get a prescription for the amoxicillin, did it on her computer..and then give me the prescription and sent me on my way. In the space of 2 minutes, she'd either forgot or didn't want to check if it was still bleeding.
Like I said she didn't x-ray it before, but she was using an old x-ray of the tooth which was taken almost 2 years before by a previous emergency dentist.

That dentist who took the x-ray in the past.. said it was a failed root canal, and that it would be a really difficult tooth to pull. She was hesitant about pulling it, but she said it could be sorted with another root canal if I could get a permanent dentist. They couldn't do it because they are an emergency dentist, and told me I would need my own regular dentist to do it. So she cleaned the tooth, changed the filling and put in some anti-bac cream to appease the tooth until I could get a dentist to sort it.

But I never could get a dentist, due to Covid its been impossible to get a regular dentist in the UK. Anyway the clean out and anti-bac cream did put me on for some 18 months or so.

Til it stared hurting again last weekend, and I got an abscess on the gum below it. Which is why I went back to an emergency dentist 4 days ago.
The dentist didn't seem too interested in the abscess or swelling on my cheek. She said it's due to that infected tooth and that we should remove the tooth.
She said we will just quickly 'wriggle' it out and call it a day. I said fine, as it does need to go.. it's been 2 years and still no dentists taking new patients on. But I found it strange that she said we will just quickly wriggle it out.. When the previous dentist had said it would be a nasty pull (she was right) There certainly no wriggle about it, felt like she was trying to snap my upper leg bone :D
Afterwards she jokingly said it was a very naughty tooth.. I was in too much pain for any jokes.

Anyway, so 4&half days later and I still have the abscess on my gum, the amoxicillin hasn't cleared it. It's actually worse after that extraction, along with the rest of the pain down that side.

Sorry for the long drawn out post. Anyway to sum it up(too much for some to read) it's my first tooth extraction and I'm worried that the Dentist didn't do a good job. I got the feeling she was rushing it, and afterwards couldn't get me out of there quick enough. I noticed she had another patient in the waiting room on my way out.

I felt it was strange the way she twice unprompted said don't worry, all of tooth is out (it seemed disingenuous) Felt like she was just trying to move me along, as she was only an emergency dentist to me and will never see me again.

Then to top it all off, I googled reviews for the dentist.. I found this review posted 5 months before:

"Very bad experience, my whole face hurts. I've had 2 teeth removed in the past and neither of those were so painful as this one. I'm all bruised up still and I couldn't eat for 3 days straight now."

The fact that person has had 2 removed before, and they felt the one with this dentist was awful.. making me think it's not just me, and it's not normal for a tooth extraction to hurt that much.

I just want to make sure I'm not just being paranoid, and get an opinion from other people in the know. If the extraction site looks as should be, I will leave it be and let heal. If not, I don't want it healing to have it cut open again down the line.


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Oct 18, 2020
Been to another Dentist this morning.
I have a dry socket, even though I took every precaution not to get a dry socket.

He said sometimes with a traumatic tooth extraction, you get a dry socket no matter what.

Good news that there was no tooth left behind though :) Apparently what I could see was the bone of the socket.



Sep 12, 2022
Barkermush that sounds like what I have even though my dentist said it's healing well. I had a traumatic tooth extraction earlier this month and it aches around extraction, when you see the bone of the socket, does this look white where the tooth was extracted?
I have solid white over area where tooth was pulled and wondered if this was bone.


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