Is this dry socket? Did my wisdom tooth surgery gone wrong?

Discussion in 'Oral Surgery' started by Dinvincible, Apr 3, 2019.

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    Apr 3, 2019
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    Hello. I recently had my wisdom tooth extraction. These pictures were taken 4 day post op. I don't know if my socket( pink arrow first pic) hurts or not because the two molars next to extraction site are in pain. I could not tell. It is throbbing pain. I already visited my dentist for my concern. My dentist irrigated the sides ( pink and green 2nd pic) of my two molars. He then placed this medicated gauze. I don't know if it looks normal or infected. Can you tell?

    My other questions based on the photos:
    1. Do I have dry socket? It is not visible in the photos because it is hard to take a photo of it. but if I self check in the mirror, I can see an open deep hole. I can visibly see a bone on the side. I could not see the bottom properly to indicate if there is an exposed bone as well. I could not either tell if it is in also in pain because the neighboring two molars and its gum are in pain. All I can feel right now is throbbing pain, I have a headache, I feel dizzy. Tho I don't have halitosis or my mouth doesn't taste bad. The surrounding tissue around extraction site is still visibly inflammed/swelling.( I don't know if it's part of healing process) I have taken a stronger pain med( arcoxia ) prescribed by my dentist since mefenamic isn't working. It isn't working! :( My pain is getting worse.

    2. Am I infected?

    3. Is this the dry socket, my nerves got injured, or what? My pain is 9 over 10 now.

    3. What should I do? I'm getting really drained( mentally, emotionally, also money) from this thing. Stressed AF

    Thank you for those who will give their expert opinions about my case.

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    Dinvincible, Apr 3, 2019
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