Dental nightmare, pain, now 3 dentists refusing to treat me

Jan 11, 2017
About a year ago I checked in at the dentist with swollen glands and pain around my 2nd molar. I have a wisdom tooth buried deep in there so dentist figured it must be the issue (X-ray showed nothing, no abcess). That took a few months to heal. Then the pain remained the same so I returned. The filling on the 1st molar looked a bit crusty so he replaced it. Still same. Now I'm 100% certain the pain comes from the 2nd molar. Dentist tells me the pain is probably psychological, that there is nothing there. Refuses to extract or perform a root canal. I saw another dentist, a parodontist, an endodontist. They tell me there is nothing a refuse to do anything. Do I have to go to a 3rd world country to have that 2nd molar pulled?


Dec 6, 2017
Hi Tone Analyst. It could be a bite problem that's causing the pain. But if you extract or have unnecessary work done on the tooth your bite could get worse and you could end up with pain elsewhere too So I understand and sympathise with how you feel, but with teeth things can only get worse once you start removing them or even after having work done. Have you tried a night guard to see if taking pressure off the tooth reduces the pain? I wouldn't recommend you have any adjustments until you have the pain diagnosed. I would definitely advise not having any type of equilibriation as this can destroy your bite. But you should try a bite guard first. The other thing it could be is that you have ghost pain from the wisdom tooth you had removed. A nerve could have been damaged by that tooth. I do not believe dental pain is ever psychological. There is a condition but it is extremely rare. Dentists tend to use this diagnosis when they don't know what's happening. It's the gland issue that makes me wonder about the bite because I've had similar pain because of bite (was also told the psychological story) but it was eased by a very slow and cautious approach.

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