Oral Piercings & Jewelry - Is it a dental nightmare?

Oct 8, 2013
I'm a parent, and along with the joys of parenthood come dealing with rebellious teenagers and their ridiculous fashion trends. So anyways, my problem is this, my daughter wants to get her tongue pierced, and working in the dental profession the alarms and sirens start to go off in my head saying "no way!"

But, she has done extremely well in school, works, and is currently in her last year of high school, so I don't want to tell her no right off the bat. I'd like to be open minded and consider it because I feel like she does deserve some kind of reward for being an awesome kid.

Can anyone out there tell me, from their experiences, should I let my daughter get her tongue pierced? I know if I tell her I don't want her to get her tongue pierced it will be because "I'm her mom" or "it's because of my job" and that's why I'm against her destroying her smile with piercings and barbells.

So, I guess I would like someone to either confirm my fears that it's a bad idea or tell me how those with oral piercings still maintain their oral health and whether or not the jewelry has caused any damage or discomfort to their teeth. What are the pros and cons?

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Trying to be a good mom.


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