Deep cavity + sensitivity to the cold: RCT, how to be sure it is necessary?

Jul 16, 2013
Hi all

I hope I am not duplicating any post.

Due to a deep cavity, my dentist put an antiseptic filling and told me I had 50% chance that it won't work and I'll be good for a RCT on that tooth.

3 weeks later, I am not in pain, it doesn't bother me at all.

But my tooth is highly sensitive to the cold. It used to be a little before the filling, but no way near it is now. So I am wondering if it is not due to the filling.

Due to that sensitivity, my dentist wants me to have a RCT, and then a crown. :eek:

So, I have 4 questions:

1) Is there anyway or test to be sure that the RCT is necessary (and not just due to the feeling)?

2) I heard that once you nerve is dead, the tooth is dying and eventually will break. Is it true?

3) Is the crown necessary? I guess if the answer of thre question 2 is true, well it is.

4) What are the risks to wait for the RCT? The documentation says it is really "bad" to wait if the RCT is required.

Thanks for your replies! :)

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