Comprehensive Problems manifested in Comprehensive [However Educational] CBCT Report

Dec 26, 2023
Tooth 46 acted up after a fracture, pulpectomy was performed, didn't work, was never obturated, and extracted just before Christmas 2023.

Tooth 21 became symptomatic a few days after the extraction of tooth 46...pulpectomy was performed in early February 2024, not obturated yet. Pulp was necrotic, abscess has not healed to date.

Tooth 36 became symptomatic in mid February, a few days of the pulpectomy of tooth 21. A cold test towards the end of March revealed lingering of pain for more than 2 minutes, X-ray was normal.

Tooth 41 became symptomatic towards the end of March. And it has been hurting like crazy since.

Family doctor prescribed 2*400 mg Carbamazempine in Mid March. This keeps the pain in teeth 21 and 36 in check, but not in tooth 41.

No local clinician is really interested in such a complex problem.

A detailed CBCT scan of all four quadrants was performed on 2 May 2024.

Find the radiologist's report attached. It reveals some surprises...


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