chronic pains after a scaling

Jun 11, 2014
I went to a dentist in 2008 for a scaling. It was the first time I saw that dentist. Actually, it was a preventive scaling as I did not have any problem. Oddly enough, I felt that my teeth were rough just after the scaling and I told the dentist about it. He informed me that it was normal and that everything would be ok with time. So, I completely forgot about it although it was the first time I got that feeling and it was a bit annoying (I underwent 5 scaling before and did not have that feeling). However, one week later, I felt some pain in the gum and then in the hard palate. It was moderate at first, and then it became severe. So, I was obliged to see another doctor for that because I had already left my country. The new dentist had a look at my oral cavity and he shocked me. To my surprise, the scaling was so aggressive that the ultra sonic instrument made grooves on my teeth especially at the backsides of the teeth. But according to that dentist, it was not very serious, especially that I did not have a problem of hypersensitivity. However, the pains were very severe and I still suffer from it. It is a burning and tingling sensation in the palate and the gum. I was 26 years old then. Any relationship between the aggressive scaling and the pains?


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