Chronic dull pain. Hard palate bone loss?

Oct 13, 2017
I have a pain in the upper right side of the hard palate (near the first and extracted second molar) for a year now. Multiple dental procedures where done on the second molar before eventually it was extracted. Nonetheless pain persisted. Doctor diagnosed with Atypical Odontalgia and prescribed medication accordingly.

A head CT was made. I have the CD. But report is not ready yet. I will talk with doctor in a few weeks, and will ask him this question. But if any specialist can shed some light on this before my appointment it would be great.

Please look at this video. You will see that the right side (where the extracted 2n molar) has much bigger dark spots around 1st molar, compared to the left side. What is this? Is it a bone loss? Is there a such thing as hard palate bone loss?
Here is another angle showing oval spot on the right side that is not present on the left side.

Please advice.
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