Choosing to take the Dental Path!!!!

Oct 26, 2016
Hello everybody my names Roxana! I'm new here and decided to join this forum to meet new people with similar interest. I need a mentor to guide me, to help me out in this new career. Im currently in community college doing my pre-requisites to get into Rutgers to become a Dental Hygienist, afterwards I would like to continue my education and become a pediatric dentist! :p

Why did I choose community college?

Well its cheaper of course! I hope to save some money for Rutgers.

Why did I choose Dental Hygiene first instead of the Dental program?

Well, I wanted to get to know more about the dental field as well as get experience in it and be able to work in a office. Here in New Jersey I've been trying to get a job or internship in a dental office in order to get some experience but none would hire me, I can at least file papers, but it's alright! But while working as a Hygienist I would love to earn some money! haha. . .

Well If you have any questions for me come and ask! Hopefully I make some new friends. . .



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