Help choosing biocompatible material for front bridge

Jul 26, 2016
I am replacing 15 years old bridge (2 missing front teeth, porcelain fused to metal) because of allergies and I will be very grateful if any of you has any experiences with the below materials.

I am thinking to choose for new bridge Kuraray Katana Multi-Layered Zirconia or porcelain fused to zirconia.

If I choose Kuraray Katana Multi-Layered Zirconia the look probably won't be as good as if I choose porcelain fused to zirconia because of color transparency. If I choose porcelain fused to zirconia I get tiny risk of new allergies, I read that porcelain fused to zirconia has higher rate of inflammation.

My questions are:

-Does anybody know if Kuraray Katana Multi-Layered Zirconia is only zirconia material or mixed with oxide for coloring? From what I understand zirconia color is accomplished with zirconia processing methods and not added oxide. Anyway I heard also different opinion that it must be mixed with some oxide, otherwise it would be totally white.
-My dentist says that it is possible that color won't match exactly to my natural teeth as much I wanted. Better look would be accomplished with porcelain fused to zirconia. Have you ever used zirconia without porcelain in front bridge, is color difference very noticable or only if you take a very good look?

Thank you for any opinion!

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