Chance of symptoms from Lingual Nerve Damage during an Alveoloplasty?

Sep 4, 2023
I am suffering from constant pain from a bony ridge pressing into my gums. The operation to grind down this bone is called an Alveoloplasty. The location of the bone is behind where I had a lower Wisdom tooth extracted almost a year ago.

A surgeon has agreed to perform this operation but has warned that the Lingual Nerve will “likely be somewhat stretched" in the process. He could not put a percent number on this happening as he says it would depend on my anatomy.

My question: If the Lingual Never is stretched to a moderate degree, does it always cause symptoms? If so is there a way to intelligently guess if the damage will be serious and long lastly or is more likely to be minor and temporary?

Thank you for any and all feedback.
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Mar 18, 2018
I'm not an oral surgeon, but have done many wisdom teeth extractions. It sounds like some paraesthesia is likely that might last from 2 weeks to months. Really, the surgeon should be in a better position to advise you more specifically. For example, ask if he will stop treatment if he thinks you are at risk of more permanent damage.
Also, I don't understand your problem. What is this bony ridge pressing into your gums? Do you mean a torus? Do you have CBCT pics to show us?


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