Symptoms of vertical root fracture on tooth with root canal after 4 months if pain?

Feb 3, 2023

I had a root canal on tooth #9 after I developed pain after the veneer replacement and crown lengthening.
Several months after the root canal, I got nasty sinus infection ( extreme pain in sinuses on the side where the tooth is) and developed pressure and pain in the gum behind that tooth
x-ray and cbct were clear. I had 4 bite adjustments that help somewhat. But it has been 4 months and pain and pressure are still there.
‘I saw 3 dentists, including an endodontist and they could not find anything.

The dentist who did the veneer suggested vertical roof fracture that is not visible on the cbct. But I have absolutely no pain when biting, tapping and pressing on the tooth. In fact, the pain is gone when I am eating and biting.
Only the gum is sore but is neither inflamed nor swollen. When I am wearing a night guard, there is no pressure or pain. As soon as I take it out, the pressure and pain are slowly coming back. My dentist says I am clenching my teeth, but I cannot possible clench them as soon as I take the night guard out. Additionally, my lip where the tooth is started to get num feeling that comes and goes . Recently, I started to feel pressure and pain in gum above teeth #10 and 11 and the teeth feel sore to the touch from time to time.

The veneer on tooth #9 felt kind of weird from the beginning but two dentists said it seemed well done.

Given it has been 4 months since my symptoms started, if it were a root fracture, shouldn’t it have gotten worse or more painful with some bone damage visible on the X-ray and gum detachment(periodontal pocket)? Is it possible the veneer does not fit properly to the tooth underneath it and causing all this pressure and pain in the gum?

I don’t want to pull a good tooth, especially top front tooth, but I cannot live in pain forever. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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