Brother's teeth are bleeding. Flossing equipment.

Jul 28, 2023
Around a week ago me and my brother (14) got into the talk of flossing. He doesn't like to floss and when he does what we later figured out was that he doesn't do it properly. He almost never reaches his gums! He complained about how he can't be gentle and his teeth are bleeding. I later confirmed with our dentist that he has gingivitis. He asked me if I could floss for him and show him how to do it. He initially thought that I am more gentle that he is. I had nothing against it and asked reddit for advice. But a lot of the comments were he can do it by himself. We developed a plan which I shared with our dentist. People there insisted that I should wear protection. I first thought it is not necessary but well and I quote Shit's nasty.

So I talked to our dentist. We have a good and interactive relationship with him as well as all our other physicians coaches instructors etc. He thought that my Idea was a very kind and effective one. Reddit had proposed to me to floss from Monday too Saturday and he flosses than on Sundays. My brother has no disability but simply doesn't really like to floss and has no routine. To the comments that tell me he should do it by himself because he is old enough etc. Well we tried for more than 3 years. And even our dentist explained to him the consequences of not flossing properly. It didn't work. I look at it in the same way a student who is not interested in a subject. Telling him to study won't change a thing! My goal is to build a routine that he follows. And yes, he has no cavities and brushes hist teeth regularly.
So now that these points are out of the way, the question of for me is the proper gear for flossing. Many in reddit have said that I should wear protection. But the question is what exactly. Because I didn't want to keep his patients waiting anymore I didn't get the chance to talk to him (dentist) about this in detail but he told me protection goes both ways: I keep myself protected and protect him equally. He just told me that there is no such thing as too much protection. And it is very easy for us to get any kind of medical gear as long as it isn't really sth that's unique, in fact because of covid we do have a lot of it in our basement.
So what would you suggest?

Only serious replies please
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