Cosmetic periodontist?

Jan 6, 2018
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I have been going through orthodontics for the last year via invisalign. Near the end, I felt my teeth looked 85%. I asked my orthodontist if having laser contouring to lengthen #7 would help make my smiler better. He suggested a dentist in his own office, "an artist." I had it done, and, in my opinion, it was botched. He said he would contour me to a 9mm crown length, but I'm actually now at 11mm with a contour that looks nothing close to the other side (#9 is 10mm crown length). I went to get an opinion from a periodontist - he said give it time to heal, and if in 8 weeks I want to do something about it he offered a minimally invasive gingivoplasty. It sounded fairly easy with minimal pain, but he also mentioned that it would move the gum down with the adjacent teeth as well. Well, my two front teeth have an uneven gum line so to me this doesn't sound like the best option. I am wondering what it a good option to fix a botched gingivectomy on a single tooth.


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