1/2 wisdom teeth removed. How does the 2nd one look like?

Sep 29, 2021
Three days ago I had my 38 removed by a maxillofacial surgeon. He told me before surgery that it will be a bit challenging and that he will take it slow (also that there is a low risk of nerve damage). He broke it into 4 pieces and it took 40-45 mins. Healing very well now. Here is a picture of it:
My 48 is the same however. Impacted, facing horizontally and looks like next to the nerves. Here is a pic:
My question is, does it look like 48 is more dangerous/riskier to remove? Does it look like the nerve goes through it and touches it compared to 38? Or not at all?

I have a CT 3D scan but I have no idea how to read it. No clue what is what. I will talk about it with my surgeon when he removes my stiches (all I know is that so far he suggested me to remove 48 too) but till then I would like a professional opinion as well if possible.

I am really afraid of a nerve damage, whether temporary or permanent. I was very nervous/afraid before I removed 38, thankfully no issues, but now I have to worry AGAIN for 48, and go through the risk. I hate it.

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