Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Feb 16, 2022
So I had my upper right wisdom tooth taken out 10 days ago. 4 days ago the blood came out in my sleep and I had to go back to the dentist. Today I bought a dental mirror to have a look and there is no clot, no visible bone or anything and no pain but there is a big hole where it used to be. If I don’t have the pain it’s not dry socket but it’s not closed either so it hasn’t healed, then what’s going on?

I also had a bottom molar taken out which hasn’t closed up yet and still has visible clot, that seems a long time? It’s taking longer to heal near a little bone spur, is that going to hinder the healing?

Lastly I have a little painful white spot next to my bottom wisdom tooth, next to the molar I had taken out. Hoping this is a canker sore and not bone spur (it’s along way from the extraction site though)

Any help would be much much appreciated

Thanks a lot



Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

Full closure of an extraction socket could take up to one month to close up. If there is no pain, I would suggest just being a little more patient.


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