Whitish bumps on soft palate?

Apr 25, 2021

Hello, was hoping someone would be able to comment on this!

The back of my mouth has felt rough/sandpapery for the past few days. I snapped a picture and noticed these yellowish-whitish spots on my soft palate, as seen in the picture. It’s cropped to show just my soft palate and the top of my uvula because the rest of it was wildly out of focus. I was later able to (uncomfortably) scrape some of these spots off with a toothbrush which made me wonder if this could be mild oral candidiasis. The tissue underneath seems normal. These lesions are non-painful, non-pruritic, non-friable; they just feel irritating.

Other details: I’m 24F with inflammatory arthritis currently on hydroxychloroquine, but no immunosuppressive drugs. No xerostomia, no history of diabetes. Non-smoker. Fair oral hygiene, last saw the dentist 3 months ago with no issues. My best guess diagnosis would be mild candidiasis even though it’s not the classic appearance - but I literally just graduated from med school so I’m looking for some second opinions if that’s alright haha. Plus I have a lot of dental anxiety so if I can settle this with a doctor I’d much rather do that than see a dentist earlier than my six-month appointment.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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