Which dentures do you think is better ? and Which do you think would be better for me ?

Jun 11, 2017
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Hello, this has been a really fast and overwhelming situation for me. In the past year my teeth has really went down hill. I knew going into my appointment and being in a lot of pain that I had a few that's in really bad shape and most likely I needed to have those pulled. While at my appointment it was worse than I thought and not only did I have a lot of broken off teeth but they are rotted on the inside to the roots. So it was brought to my attention that even if I just got the four on the outside pulled that pretty soon the other ones would brake off and would have to pull those and so on and it would keep re-occurring over and over . So while I was there I had a total of twelve pulled, which left me with six teeth on the top front teeth and six of the bottom front teeth. The dentist had also talked to me about getting dentures while I was there here are my choice's :::

1. I could have a root canal on each of the teeth on the outer side that's left. 2 of the 6 that's left on the top and 2 of the 6 on the bottom. Then I could get a partial for both top and bottom. But he did want to let me know that it's a possibility that I could have some aggravation with it slipping out and trouble eating with the top partial. That I wouldn't have if I got a full set of dentures for the top.

2. I could get the other six teeth that I have left removed and get a full set of top dentures. He did let me that most people don't have unnecessary problem's like I would with a partial. I could also get my bottom six teeth pulled and get a full set of bottom dentures, but he don't recommend that because people has problems with those on the bottom because you don't have the roof of ur mouth on the bottom to have that suction too and they tend to move around and all that stuff. For me to get a partial on the bottom, due to me having six teeth on my front bottom teeth to hook to so they don't move around. I would still have to do a root canal on the two teeth that's on the outside of my bottom teeth.

Please look at my options and give me your feedback on what you think my best option is. I'd really appreciate other people's onion who knows what their talking about...

Thank you,
P.S. I also heard that there are different choices you can get... What kind of dentures did you choose and what are the positive's and / or negative's about them and if you changed them why or why not ? dentures and / or partials ...


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