Wanting to get expanders + braces but I have an implant already. What can I do?

Oct 29, 2023
Hi, so I have crowded teeth, I had an extraction and implant done due to an infected root canal. My concern is that my teeth are crowded in. They tilt in and make my jaw area look sunken and smaller. I have a good amount of room to expand out but due to the implant, this cannot be done from what I read on google. However I feel like this process should not be overly complicated no?

Is it not as simple as moving the surrounding teeth? Having a temporary malocclusion for a bit, then eventually extracting the implant, widening the bone via bone graft... refilling the implant site with bone and allowing it to heal, then finally getting another implant so that the implanted tooth is now in proper occlusion with the new occlusion?

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