Visible Indents in Teeth and White Spots at Early Age

Dec 17, 2015
Hi, I have recently been very frustrated and scared about the condition of my teeth. First off let me say this is indeed my fault. Going through my teen years I never really looked after my teeth. I was not good about brushing and rarely flossing. I was blessed with thick enamel sadly, I have neglected taking care of it and lost a lot of it. The last time I went to the dentist about 8 months ago I have my first two cavities (age 19 failure to floss cavities) and was told I have quote "very thin enamel" (I am guessing relative to someone my age). Due to the lack of cavities before this was my first wake up call. Oh, and I did do a cleaning twice a year all throughout my youth. Since I have being trying to take much better care of my teeth and watching what I drink. Paying closer attention to my mouth now I have noticed that are teeth are no longer smooth and have indents in my teeth that I can sort of feel them by running my finger nail over them and I can see them if I shine a flashlight at them at certain angles. I have also noticed I have white spots on my some of my teeth throughout my mouth. I have a few mildly yellow teeth these teeth seem to have a rigid in the smoothness of my tooth towards the top of my tooth (guessing the deference between more minor and more severe enamel lose). Due to my work I will not be able to make it to a dentist for the next 3 months. This has been causing me a lot of feelings of self loathing and depression over the past couple weeks. Am I destine for a future full of costly dental bills or do you think I may have smartened up soon enough? Thanks a lot for you time!

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